TV Vlaanderen has prepared a new software update for the M7 SAT801 receiver. The update (version 1.08C) is now available and contains multiple new and improved features.The 5 most improved features are:

  • DVB subtitles while playing HD channel recordings
  • Manual searching for channels
  • Planning repeated recording
  • Signal meter efficiency improved
  • Screen announcements disappear automatically
Always leave your receiver in stand-by at night TV VLAANDEREN offers regular updates of the settingslists and the software. To have this software installed during the night, you need to put your receiver on standby so that the update can be sent to your receiver.
New update of the channel settings
Some channels from the TV Vlaanderen packages have changed frequency. If you use a TV Vlaanderen receiver, the channel number will stay the same though: 

Arrow ClassicRock Arrow ClassicJazz Dorcel TV
Satellite position Astra 3 Astra 3 Astra 3
Frequency 11914 11914 12343
Polarisation Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
Symbol rate 27500 27500 27500


Certified Philips and M7 receivers will receive an automatic update of the frequencies. For manually loading the new channel list, please view the manual of your receiver. In case you lost the manual, you can always look for it at